Friday, February 6, 2009

Another Reason to Love Target

I went to Target today for a few things. My shopping there has changed as of late. I don’t necessarily get a cart. I don’t stop at the $1 Spot, and I don’t browse for clearance items. I simply don’t want to spend unless I have to. And I know they are feeling my (and many others’) lack of shopping, since recent layoffs have hit Target for the first time in many years.

Today my goal was to pick up a couple of gifts. I found what I was looking for, along with a couple of other staples. When I got home, I realized I was missing a bag - the bag with the gifts. I immediately called Target, and they looked for, but couldn't find the bag. I was panicked for a moment, but then they said I could bring in my receipt and replace those items. No questions asked.

So I went back a couple of hours later and the woman in Customer Service knew exactly who I was and why I was there. I went and picked out my items again and she sent me on my way. I was glad to learn that there are realistic retailers who know mistakes happen. So many of us live honestly, and yet the corporate big guys often don’t give us the benefit of the doubt.

I didn't need one, but I now have another reason to love Target.

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