Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Creative Curse

For as long as I can remember, I have had the urge to create. I credit this to my genes, especially my dad's and his side of the family. Some might call it a gift. I call it a curse.

This "creative curse" keeps me up at night, causes me frequent frustration, gives me great satisfaction at times, and once in a while, it gives me jump-up-in-the-air excitement. So here's what I'm so pumped about:

I've been striving to produce a paper product that will:
1. Be environmentally friendly
2. Be inexpensive
3. Be a thoughtful, lasting way to acknowledge an occasion
4. Be beautiful

I've finally met all of those criteria with the "Three-in-One" Greeting. It's an envelope, card and little gift all in one. Through simple folding, all of these can be created from one sheet of 100% post-consumer recycled paper.

1. Eco-friendly - check.
2. Priced at $4.00 in my Etsy shop. Affordable - check.
3. Provides a handwritten greeting that will last longer that the day it's received.

4. Lovely quality and design make a beautiful standing piece of art that could even be framed.

My 7 year old seems to have the same creative gene that I do. He recently asked me what it's like to be a graphic artist. I told him it's a lot of fun, which is true. He'll find out later about the curse.


Jingle said...

That is really cute and a wonderful innovative design idea!

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios said...

Suuuuper cute! Love the thought process behind it. Great job.

Handmade in Israel said...

It is a curse sometimes... but also great at others! Love that owl card!!! What a cutie.