Thursday, April 30, 2009

Freebie Friday! May Basket

May Day was an important day for me growing up. Unlike warmer parts of the country, this was to me the first day of spring in Minnesota.

I remember countless years planting little flowers in small baskets and delivering them to the neighbor kids. We dropped them off, rang the doorbell and ran to hide, waiting for them to come find us.

My kids do the same thing today, but the flowers have turned into candy. So, I've created this sweet little 3" square printable basket template to hold the May Day goodies. Simply click on the link below and print. Hope you enjoy!

Happy May Day!

May Basket2

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Anonymous said...

This was so cute! I made these with my In-Home Childcare ages 2-5 of-coarse I had to help the 2 year olds and help the others fold but they loved filling them themselves!

Thank you so much!