Monday, June 29, 2009

Who’s Your Cheerleader?

For the past week, I've been working on a project to reuse some old children’s books that I’ve had for awhile. I was bound and determined to create a card series using the sweet illustrations from the books. I went around and around with the design, finally setting it aside without resolution on Friday last week.

Since I opened my card shop on Etsy, there have been many friends and family who have supported me. I thank them all greatly for endlessly listening to my ideas, giving me advice, spreading the word about my business, and for their very generous purchases. But I have one friend who has helped me so much, I jokingly refer to her as my “life coach.”

My friend, Liz, came over today. Not only did she revive my interest in the children’s book project, she and I collaborated to create the final product. This isn’t the first time she’s helped me. Every time I’ve been discouraged or frustrated with my business, it’s Liz who can pull me up from my bootstraps and tell me I CAN DO IT. She’s full of ideas and enthusiasm, and anytime I need a pep talk, she’s there. Thank you for being my constant cheerleader, Liz!

This is what we created today. The art is from a reused children’s book. I cut the matte from sturdy reused cardboard, then painted it with chalkboard paint I had leftover from another project. I love the worn, nostalgic look. It’s eco-friendly, editable and one-of-a-kind!

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